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These are a list of rules and guidelines that must be followed by all wiki users.

Content Policy

  • Do not create/upload NSFW content (adult content such as pornography, gore, extreme violence).
Adult content includes:
Pornographic videos/images.
Sexually suggestive stuff.
Fetish content.
Keep the wiki content at least PG-13.
  • Do not take the ideas of other people without their permission, unless the creator has said that it is fine for anyone to use their ideas.
  • Do not create overly sexualized characters, as this borders on NSFW.
  • Do not give your page's name an inappropriate name (such as racial swear words).
  • Do not create unnecessary/redundant categories. Only create categories that are relevant to what your page is. These will be removed during periodical cleanups. You are otherwise free to create whatever kind of category you would like to as long it is not redundant.
Examples of redundant categories: "Category:Hello", "Category:Sudhgfvcjrgf", "Category:Characters who like sandwiches", etc. Basically any categories that are spam-like or have no real use. Your category must be useful in some way for it to be acceptable.

Social Policy

  • Do not harass/bully other users. Treat them with respect.
  • Do not engage in discriminatory behavior (such as advocating for violence or discrimination towards a race/ethnicity, mistreating people based

on their race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, etc).

  • Do not engage in malicious behavior. This includes threats/acts of doxxing, IP logging, posting malicious links or files, and malicious hacking in general.
  • Do not engage in disruptive, inappropriate, or uncivil behavior.
  • Do not start heated arguments, especially for inappropriate reasons. Try to remain calm and solve the situation appropriately.
  • Do not engage in erotic roleplaying. Roleplay Realm is to be only used for ordinary, safe for work roleplaying.

Editing Policy

  • Do not vandalize content.
  • Since the wiki's target audience are English-speaking roleplayers, edits must be in English only (you are allowed to speak in a language other than

English, though).

  • Be considerate when editing another user's page. Do not create significant edits to another user's page without their given permission. Editing another's user page is OK if you are undoing vandalism or fixing mistakes.

Staff Policy

These are a list of guidelines for staff users. If you are a normal user, you do not have to follow it, but rather be aware of these guidelines so you can help prevent power abuse.

  • Do not block users for unfair or biased reasons.
  • Do not delete pages without proper reason.
  • Do not yell or become angry at an user for violating a guideline. Be calm and sensible.
  • Do not create significant changes to the wiki's features without notifying the staff team first (the staff team must also agree with your plan). Do not make unnecessary/unwanted changes.


These are a list of recommendations. You will not get any penalties for not following these.

  • Do not add categories that do not fit what the page is (such as adding the category "Realms" to a page about a roleplay character [unfitting categories will sometimes eventually be removed during periodical cleanups]).
  • Try to utilize proper grammar when creating/editing a page.